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24×7 virtual NOC

Even if you have the best monitoring tool, it doesn’t guarantee you have the best monitoring team always available. Constant employee churn and incremental costs to maintain multi-shift teams are the biggest worries for an IT/NOC Manager. That’s why we make it easy for you to outsource your monitoring function and yet utilise your existing monitoring tool. Get a 24×7 virtual NOC run by the same guys that managed top tier backbone & metro networks. From monitoring to troubleshooting; from handling trouble-tickets, coordinating with vendors and carriers, to managing customers – get a service that covers all. Industry standard SOPs and SLAs.

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Monitoring as a Service

One of the biggest benefits cloud-based services provide is flexibility and economy. This means you can outsource the monitoring function of your IT infrastructure with ease. Our Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) package comes bundled with a cloud-based NMS, Helpdesk Ticketing system, and a 24×7 virtual NOC. All software, database, and servers will be maintained in the cloud by us, and any on-site collector/agent utility will also be managed by us locally. No more hassle of software deployment, integration, and maintenance. And no more worries of employee churn or incremental costs of maintaining multi-shift teams.

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  • Network Monitoring
  • Router Monitoring
  • Switch Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Firewall Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Datacenter Monitoring


Typical Customers

  • Enterprises
  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Hospitals/Healthcare Institutions
  • Universities/Educational Institutions
  • Non-profit Organisations
  • Cloud/Application providers


  • Reduced operational costs
  • No impact of employee churn
  • Free up your IT resources to work on better/bigger projects
  • Increased productivity for your IT staff
  • Increased end-user / customer satisfaction
  • Reduced managerial/HR time and effort
  • 24x7x365 High Availability support
  • Immediate management of incidents occurring around the clock