Application Performance

No more guessing by the network.

Monitor end-user experience

The global dashboard shows continuous performance of Business Critical Applications (BCA) against defined service levels in a single screen. Monitor end-user experience in terms of EURT, an indicator of how the applications are performing at user end. Stay constantly informed of any performance degradation impacting business users through the dashboard. Diagnose root-cause of performance problems in minutes and be able to resolve it even before end-users complain.

Color-coded boxes show severity status of the performance issues and instantly directs your attention to the major problems without having to check all applications periodically.

Application summary dashboard

View performance summary for a specific application. The graph shows End User Response Time (EURT) for an application in correlation with the number of application transactions. Subsequent charts also display the performance breakdown of corresponding servers, and the performance breakdown for each client zone.

Identify the root-cause of the slowdown, whether it is due to network latency (RTT), server response time (SRT), or data transfer time (DTT). Also evaluate whether the performance degradation is impacting individual users, specific user groups, or only certain servers in the application chain.

Track application performance

And when you want to dig deep into a specific application’s performance, you can view detailed performance metrics graphed over a period of time. The graph shows TCP performance metrics (Connection Time, Server Response Time, Round Trip Time, Retransmission Delay, Retransmission Rate) along with number of packets.

View all metrics on the graph together, or correlate a specific pair of metrics to help in root-cause analysis and diagnose whether the issue is related to the network or to the application.

That’s not all.

You can dig deeper into Layer-7 protocols and analyse performance
of HTTP protocol, SQL databases, DNS services, and VoIP traffic.

European leader in Pakistan

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OneNet is a specialist firm focused on providing monitoring solutions and services. We only offer the best solutions that helps our customers in improving their IT operations & management. That’s why when it came to choosing the right NAPM platform, we chose the best product with the best value for money. Based in Paris, France, Performance Vision is Europe’s leading NAPM vendor in the network visibility market. OneNet is their exclusive partner for Pakistan.

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