Performance Testing

How important is application performance?

Greg Linden, inventor of Amazon’s recommendations engine, reported that 100ms of latency costs the company 1% of sales.

Most QA testing focus on the Functional working of the application, not how well the application performs. Application developers usually do not think about the Performance aspect of an application as they are only concerned with the functionality of the features. Thus such applications run into performance problems later during production phase when actual users perform transactions.

Moreover, most application owners do not set a benchmark or target for their application’s performance at the time of application design. Having no performance target to meet, application developers are clueless as to how fast or robust their code should be.

It’s not only about loading of the home page; every click, every user interaction, every transaction needs to be instantly responsive. It is imperative to know where a slow down is occurring even if it’s for a single user.

– Payal Chakravarty, SPM, IBM


AppSure is our performance analysis & testing service to help you improve the performance of your application in terms of speed and user experience. We can dig out the performance bottleneck in your application delivery and make your applications load faster. You will see a visible improvement and your users will feel a clear difference.

Performance testing is not just measuring the application response under load; it is also about designing the application such that it gives optimal performance in every situation. So we also help application owners to set a performance benchmark at the time of application design.

We assist our customers in the entire lifecycle of an application from design to development to production. Each application developed and tested according to our recommendations is certified for production and guaranteed for performance.

Can you bet on your
application’s performance?

If you are currently designing an application, or getting an app developed, then this is the best time to consider the performance of your application. If you are already running a developed application and not satisfied with its performance, or frequently receive slowness complaints from your users, then it is high time to get your application checked for performance bottlenecks.

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