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Make your IT applications load faster. Delight your users.
Impress your management.

It doesn’t matter how fast is your network if your end-users face slow response while using IT applications (e.g. ERP, CRM). Slow response is the grey area in IT operations. They are hard to find and take a long time to diagnose since they don’t pop up on your NMS.

We can dig out the performance bottleneck in your application delivery and make your applications load faster. You will see a visible improvement and your users will feel a clear difference. Their work productivity will improve and their confidence on IT
will increase. And your management will get to hear all the good feedback about IT.

We use a specialised tool in our Performance Testing service that has deep packet inspection & analytics engine built in. It’s like a night-vision camera to show you the invisible in the dark. It provides clear visibility of an application’s real-time performance over the network.

Get clear L4 stats of your network’s transport layer, along with deep L7 visibility to analyse performance of Web apps (HTTP/S), Databases (SQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase), Microsoft services, Citrix/ICA services, DNS services, and VoIP traffic.

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Customer feedback:

It was a wonderful experience working with OneNet. Not only [they] have complete command of their tool but knowledge in networks and how they can be optimized was a big plus for us.

– Q. Hassan, Section Head IS
Engro Corp