Network Performance

Go beyond SNMP. See real-time behaviour.

Monitor critical links

The Business Critical Network (BCN) dashboard shows global performance summary for critical network links over time. Monitoring network health status, this dashboard reflects the thresholds of the latency, the retransmission rate and the bandwidth utilization rate for the critical network links against defined service levels.

Define service levels, as per your SLAs, set on both usage and performance metrics e.g. retransmission and latency. The BCN dashboard shows real-time status of critical network links, defined between ‘zones’, based on your defined service levels.

Track network performance

You can track the performance for specific network links as they evolve through time. This graph displays oriented performance metrics such as Round Trip Time (RTT), Data Transfer Time (DTT), Retransmission Delay (RD), and Retransmission Rate (RR), along with the number of packets transferred.

Metrics are shown for a selected network link, from source-zone to destination-zone and vice-versa. Thus, you can easily evaluate the performance of a link in each direction.

View traffic matrix

You can view the traffic exchanged between various parts (zones) within your network. The Traffic Matrix view provides a representation of various metrics from one zone to another zone. The matrix allows you to see traffic patterns on multiple network links at once.

For example, you can see the traffic flowing from one site to all other sites charted in a map style. This helps you to understand the usage behaviour of various network links with respect to the servers and applications over a period of time.

Track your bandwidth

The Bandwidth graph displays the evolution of traffic volumes through time. Identify the origin of traffic peaks with respect to each application generating that traffic. This graph provides an insight into the bandwidth usage over the network. You can further drill down to actual conversations to display the main contributors of the peak of traffic.

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