Full scale all-in-one hybrid monitoring solution for Telecom & IT networks.

Stop spending precious time and resources on complex, siloed monitoring tools that are poorly integrated. Pandora FMS is a modern system that solves real-world problems quickly. It’s an all-in-one package offering flexible IT monitoring, replacing the need for multiple difficult-to-integrate and costly monitoring systems.

Unified Monitoring

Routers, switches, servers, firewalls, applications, databases, power supplies – all unified. Deployed in automatic topology maps or user defined views. From a single glance at the screen you can get a view of the technological topology, as well as node or group views. Everything will be notified via Email, SMS or any other technology. Customize your view of events to see what’s wrong, and solve it through automated actions in Pandora FMS.

Business Service monitoring

An organisation has several business services with hundreds of metrics. At critical times, you just need to have everything under control and be sure that all services are working properly. The Service Map tool serve this specific purpose. Identify how your service performance is affected by the underlying infrastructure. Measure service items in real time or with scheduled reports using the SLA Reporting feature. Use real-time data on dashboards you can design yourself, where you only see what you need to, avoiding information overload.

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