Are you fed up
of the
blame game in your IT team?

And are they often clueless about the exact root-cause of issues?

Performance leaks

IT teams implement their systems in silos. And often there are hidden issues within these systems. The Network team is concerned with their routers & switches, Systems team care about their servers, and Applications team think their code is always fine.

If there is even a single element in these systems that creates a degradation, the enduser is going to suffer. We call it performance leaks. And they are hard to find due to the old way of silo-based IT troubleshooting. User traffic needs to be seen from an end-to-end perspective instead of looking at individual segments.

Performance Audit

can help you identify the leaks in your IT infrastructure. It’s like a CT scan that analyses the network, application, and database segments in correlation to the enduser’s experience. So instead of relying on user complaints, you can see your application’s delivery over the network in real-time.

Get deep L7 visibility to analyse performance of Web apps (HTTP/S), Databases (SQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase), Microsoft services, Citrix/ICA services, DNS services, and VoIP traffic. Plus detailed traffic matrix of which branch used how much traffic for which application during what time.

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Those who have benefited:

It was a wonderful experience working with OneNet. Not only [they] have complete command of their tool but knowledge in networks and how it can be optimized was a big plus for us.

– Q. Hassan, Section Head IS
Engro Corp