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Performance Testing for your IT infrastructure.
Resolve network & application performance issues.
Improve enduser’s IT experience. Impress top management.

It doesn’t matter how fast your network is if your end-users face slow response while transacting with applications (e.g. ERP, CRM). Slow response is the grey area in IT operations. They are hard to find and take a long time to diagnose since they don’t pop up on your NMS.

Our Performance Testing service is like a CT scan that analyses the network, application, and database segments in correlation with the enduser’s experience. It identifies gaps and bottlenecks in any segment that affects user experience.

We use a specialised wire-data analytics tool that has deep packet inspection & analytics engine built in. It’s like a night-vision camera to show you the invisible in the dark. It provides clear visibility of an application’s real-time performance over the network.

Get broad L4 insight into your network’s transport delivery, along with deep L7 visibility to analyse performance of Web apps (HTTP/S), Databases (SQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase), Microsoft services, Citrix/ICA services, DNS services, and VoIP traffic.

Those who have benefited:

It was a wonderful experience working with OneNet. Not only [they] have complete command of their tool but knowledge in networks and how they can be optimized was a big plus for us.

– Q. Hassan, Section Head IS
Engro Corp

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