Deep insight into your network and application performance.

Europe’s leading NAPM vendor providing the most innovative solution to help you obtain deep insight into network and application performance. With Performance Vision, you can map your network’s usability to business applications and measure enduser’s experience.

Monitor enduser experience

Watch live performance of Business Critical Applications (BCA) against defined service levels in a single screen. Monitor enduser experience to see how the applications are performing at user end. Diagnose root-cause of performance problems in minutes and be able to resolve it even before end-users complain.

Locate Application slowdowns

View performance for a specific application’s delivery to different locations distributed by different servers. Correlate the application response times with the number of transactions. Identify the root-cause of the slowdown, whether it is due to network latency (RTT), server response time (SRT), or data transfer time (DTT). Also see whether the issue is impacting individual users, specific branches, or only certain servers in the application chain.

Correlate network
vs. application performance

Dig deep into a specific application’s performance and view detailed performance metrics over a period of time. The graph shows TCP performance metrics (CT, RTT, RR, RD, SRT, DTT). View all metrics on the graph together, or correlate a specific pair of metrics to help in root-cause analysis and diagnose whether the issue is related to the network or to the application.

That’s not all.

You can dig deeper into Layer-7 protocols
to analyse performance of Web apps (HTTP/S), Databases (SQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase), Microsoft services, Citrix/ICA services, DNS services, and VoIP traffic.

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