Security monitoring
should be your top priority for 2019.

Or you might be in the news for the wrong reasons by 2020.

How can you avoid a similar situation in your organisation? By keeping an eye on it.

Forbes IBM 197 days security breach

Security Monitoring

The foundation of security intelligence is monitoring and analysing logs & events. Security monitoring is not just about dumping this data into a tool. It is about constantly analysing those logs for suspicious events & possible threats.

Log & Security events are generated in huge amounts per hour. It is difficult for your sysadmin to absorb this flood of information and constantly analyse it. Most companies have resource shortage & headcount hurdles. Getting a security monitoring as a service is a rather economical & faster alternate.

security monitoring

As a service

Our Security monitoring service ensures your entire infrastructure is constantly monitored for malicious events & possible threats. We analyse and correlate this flood of data on a continuous basis. So you receive filtered info to quickly focus on security issues that require action.

We can also deploy the required tools to capture & store all your logs & events. So you get your security monitoring started in less time and low cost. Our background in NOC monitoring and SIEM solutions gives us the necessary expertise to cover your security monitoring on a full scale.

security monitoring

We have helped our customers

in real-world scenarios through our security monitoring service:

We detected and successfully uncovered a large botnet infection inside the network of a national FMCG company which helped them to completely remove it from all infected systems spread across multiple sites.

onenet security monitoring

We detected and successfully averted a series of stealth hacking attempts being made on the router of a multinational Logistics company which helped them take immediate action to block and stop further attempts.

managed security monitoring service

Flexible and affordable packages
to suit your environment and budget.

managed security monitoring service

How to get started

1. Use your own Log Management or SIEM tool if you have one, or get it from us on low monthly opex and we’ll deploy them in your environment at no extra cost.

2. Choose your package based on the scope of service and the coverage hours you need (9×5, 12×6, 24×7).

3. We monitor & analyse all logs & events generated in your environment from our NOC/SOC facility and alert you on malicious activity or possible threats.

virtual NOC monitoring


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