Managed IT Services

Looking for a simple way to manage your IT?

Welcome to the world’s local IT center!

One day Bob went to buy a vacuum cleaner for his house. He was awed by the range of products on the market. Tons of varieties. The more Bob explored, the more he got confused. He realized that whichever model he buys, it will eventually become old and sluggish.

So Bob asked himself whether he really needed to own a vacuum cleaner. He just wanted cleaner carpets. He thought that maybe he should just hire someone to bring in their own equipment and clean his house – yes, that’s it. After all, he just wanted a cleaner house – even better, with no hassle.

That’s the ease of managed services.

Why outsource?

So that you can stop frustrating over petty issues …

… and start doing work that matters.


  • Increased productivity for your staff
  • Increased user / customer satisfaction
  • Free up your IT resources to work on better/bigger projects
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced managerial/HR time and effort
  • 24x7x365 high availability support
  • Immediate management of incidents around the clock


  • Flexible coverage (9×5 / 12×6 / 24×7)
  • Service Desk / Virtual NOC
  • Desktop/Laptop Support
  • Network Monitoring & Support
  • Server Monitoring & Support
  • Application Monitoring & Support
  • Website Monitoring & Support
  • Datacenter / Infrastructure Monitoring

Already have an IT team?

That’s great!

Use them for bigger/better projects that would keep them motivated. We’ll free them up by working as an extension of your team. (And did you know that we offer a whitelabel service too? Yup, that means our team becomes your team!)

Use us to:

  • Extend your service to 24/7
  • Do out of hours maintenance
  • Work as your overflow
  • Cover different time zones
  • Act as a Level 1 barrier
  • Make coffee, remotely (seriously!)

Why outsource to us?

Because we can feel your pain.

We’re people who were born & bred in NOCs. We’ve worked at leading Telcos and have managed large scale networks and supported global enterprises.

So we bring that experience to help you manage your network better and easier.

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IT management easier and better for yourself.

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