Network & Application Performance

Go beyond SNMP. See real-time behaviour.

Performance – the grey area

Performance issues (slow response, degradation) are the grey area in IT operations. They take up the most time than network failures, and are usually nasty. First, they don’t pop up in traditional SNMP-driven monitoring tools. So the end-users are the first ones to know about it. By the time they voice their complaints, the issue becomes serious.

Second, since the traditional monitoring tools are made to catch network events, the IT team doesn’t have a clue where to look for the root-cause of the performance problem. By the time they get ‘some’ idea of it, enough time has gone waste with end-users frustrated on productivity lost.

EUE, not just QoS

Traditionally, enterprise IT performance has been mainly about the Quality of Service (QoS) of its network. While QoS deals with the network’s performance, it doesn’t reflect the real performance being experienced by the end-users. Because the end-users don’t use just the bare network; rather, they use business applications running on top of that network.

So it doesn’t matter how fast or robust the network is if an end-user is facing a slow response while transacting with an enterprise application (e.g. ERP, CRM, etc.). Performance on the application layer, in addition to the network layer, is what matters most to an end-user’s experience (EUE) of the enterprise IT services.


Catch application & infrastructure performance issues before your end-users. Spot performance degradations on a smart dashboard showing the real picture. Identify root-causes in minutes with a few clicks, instead of spending hours digging into raw protocol data.

Having an NAPM (Network & Application Performance Monitoring) tool allows you to do all of that. It is a business critical monitoring tool which keeps an eye on your network & application performance round the clock. Find out how you can improve your business’ performance through this critical monitoring tool.

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