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The new route to enterprise IT troubleshooting.

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Full scale IT monitoring solutions for Telcos and Enterprises covering Network, Server, Application, Database, Cloud, Power, etc. Business Service Maps and SLA monitoring. Reduce your opex down by 30%.

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Go beyond SNMP. Track your applications’ delivery, monitor your networks’ performance, and watch your traffic’s behaviour in real-time. Diagnose application slowdowns and identify root-cause in just a few clicks.

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Secure your confidential data on all your endpoints. Prevent your employees from leaking out important company data (source code, sales figures, marketing material, etc.) outside your company without your permission.

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CT scan for IT

Tired of your users complain of slow response from your network? Not able to find the actual root-cause whether it’s the network or application? Get a full Performance Audit to uncover the hidden areas of your IT infrastructure.

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