Enterprise-grade monitoring solution for any type of IT infrastructure, better & faster than Nagios / OpenNMS.

One of the most popular, easiest, and faster-to-deploy monitoring software in the world. It is already used by a vast number of companies, who have chosen it due to real scalability, high and robust performance, ease of use and extremely low costs of ownership.

Monitor everything

Using Zabbix, you can easily monitor servers, routers, switches, firewalls, applications, etc. Monitoring performance indicators like CPU, memory, disk space and processes can be done easily, with or without agents.  Zabbix can monitor anything with an SNMP agent like network appliances, storages, cooling and power systems. With IPMI access, Zabbix can gather statistics such as temperature, fan speed voltage, and disk state, avoiding downtime and financial losses.

Enterprise-grade, small to large

Zabbix is designed to scale from small environments with a few devices to large ones with thousands of monitored devices. There are Zabbix installations with over 100,000 devices monitored, using mid-range hardware and collecting gigabytes of historical data daily. Zabbix agents use minimal CPU/Memory resources and is compatible with several platforms including Linux and Windows. Zabbix can monitor Java, JBoss, Tomcat, Oracle servers, and any database e.g. MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases.

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